Dungeon Keeper Related Documentation

Dungeon Keeper 1 and DD Documentation

Dungeon Keeper Mapmakers' Documentation

This documentation contains installation instructions and manuals of various map editors, complete documentation of script commands, reference of map file formats and complete explanation on how to play custom maps in both DK and DD.

Documentation site

Ancient Tome of Dungeon Keeper Humor

Some DK1-related jokes, collected and originally published by Tramii. Note that these were published before DK2 was released.

Dungeon Keeper Humor

Dungeon Keeper Extras

On this site, you may find older refenences of map files, and information about old version of ADiKtEd map editor. These information were enhanced and used to create Mapmakers' Documentation; still, if you're searching for something which isn't explained in the Mapmakers' Documentation, you can try your luck there:

John Skeets' DK Extras site

Dungeon Keeper 2 Documentation

Editor's Manual

There is no centralized documentation source for DK2. You will have to use documentation from various sources.

As about Official DK2 Editor, the manual in Ms Word format ('.DOC') is usually downloadable with the editor. You can also use my fixed HTML version, which is available here:

DK2 Official Editor Documentation (english)

The unofficial editor, DK2Mapper, also has a little tutorial:

DK2 Mapper Tutorial (english)

File formats Reference

You may find references of DK2 file formats on various discussion boards. This includes the forums listed in "links" section, and other, like the XeNTaX forum and Hoenir's Game Format Site. Also, try The Evil One's Dungeon Keeper 2 Page.

Browsing source code from DK2 Tools may also help you with understanding various files.

Other Documentation

How to change Executable file into Dynamic Linked Library

A tutorial based on my experience with KeeperFX. It is not very detailed, and will only help people who have lots of knowledge about file formats and programming.

How to change EXE into DLL (english)