Dungeon Keeper 1 Tools

Dungeon Keeper 1 Creature Editors

Enslave editor

Enslave screenshot

This 'CREATURE.TXT' editor allows editing creatures only. The other options stored in CREATURE.TXT, like keeper spells or room parameters, are not changed. Big problem with this tool is that it's compiled for DOS, and as there is no source code available, there probably won't be any new version.

Search the net for a download; the last released version is dated December 1997.

Skeets creature editor

Skeets creature editor screenshot

Simple editor which still requires some work to become full featured. It allows editing most setting from 'CREATURE.TXT'. Has very basic, console-based interface. But its source code is available, so sooner or later it will become the best, and the only one still in development.

Download Win32 version
Download source code

DK1Ed Unofficial Settings Editor

DK1Ed editor screenshot

You can use the editor to edit both the 'CREATURE.TXT' and 'DD1CREAT.TXT' files found in the DATA folder where Dungeon Keeper is installed. There are 2,680 settings which can be modified in the editor.

Good editor with nice GUI. It was written using Visual Basic. Probably the best choice, especially for unexperienced users.

You will have to search the net for a download. The archive you seek is usually named 'DK1Ed103.zip'.

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