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Dungeon Keeper 1 Map Editors

Official (Bullfrog) map editor

Bullfrog editor screenshot

This editor allows you to see the map in the same way that actual game displays it. You can place rooms, doors and change terain in the similar way than inside the game engine.

With this editor, you can do all rooms, and add action points, static lights and basic things. The interface is easy to master, and there's extensive manual available - this makes this editor perfect for beginners.

The only problem with Official Editor is lack of speed limit - on new computers, you may find this program to work very fast - scrolling screen will also work very fast, making it hard to properly edit maps.

The Bullfrog Editor may be downloaded from many places on the web. It is also included on original CD with Dungeon Keeper Gold.

Download official map editor

Unded editor

Unded screenshot

It was the first map editor for Dungeon Keeper. Written in Visual Basic, it's relatively simple and has nice interface with top view of the map.

Unfortunately, it is no longer in development for many years, and has lots of bugs. Actually, it corrupts the map files, and creates many logic errors on maps. This causes various graphics errors, and may even hang the game.

The source code for UnDed is now released. You can download the latest version here:

Project page

ADiKtEd editor

ADiKtEd screenshot

Another Dungeon Keeper Map Editor is definetely the most featured one. It allows creating many things which are not available in Official editor. It is also able to verify map, checking if all properties are properly set, and if the commands in script are proper.

There are also some special functions - with ADiKtEd, you can create BMP miniatures of maps and draw graffitis on walls. All commands are described in help screens, which you may easily display by pressing F1 key.

This editor is used mostly by professional mapmakers; beginners may have problems with mastering the text-based interface - ADiKtEd is a console tool.

Project page

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