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Please note that I am author of this site, but I'm not a mapmaker, and none of the maps presented on this site were made by me. Original authors are mentioned where I was able to find information about them.

If you're an author of one or more maps, and you're not mentioned in their description, please let me know.

Dungeon Keeper Maps & Tools Base author is

Tomasz Lis photo

Tomasz Lis, aka Mefistotelis.

I'm a polish engineer, living in the small city of Lebork.

I have master's degree in Microwave Engineering and Wireless Communication.
I can design all elements wireless and fibre links, I'm also experienced in making other electronic devices. I can make software and program any computer/ucontroller/dsp too.

My interest include EM compatibility issues, Biology and Astronomy.
Occasionally, I like playing my favourite old games and do some reverse-engineering.

Here's my e-mail:

Tomasz Lis email

You may be interested in Dungeon Keeper Fan Communities, where there's still ongoing discussion about many details of mapmaking and scripting maps:

If you have an issue or proposition regarding KeeperFX, please use the following means of communication:

  • KeeperFX Issue Tracker. Best place for bugs and enhancment proposals.
  • The Keeper Klan forum. There you can get help or discuss subjects with many other fans.
  • My e-mail. But please use it only as last resort. Use the Tracker or the Forum whenever possible.

If you wish to use similar design or bitmap fonts on your site, you're permitted to use the materials downloadable below, if only I'm credited on your page, with a link to this site.

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