KeeperFX, the Dungeon Keeper mod
Dungeon Keeper Fan eXpansion

KeeperFX - Dungeon Keeper Fan Expansion

The problem with remaking games is that usually the remakes are abandoned at some stage and never finished. This means that all the work put into such remake is lost, as it usually isn't finished enoughly to be used. Making games requires lots of time, and often volunteers do not have enough will to finish the project.

Bearing this in mind, I've decided I won't try to remake the game from start. Instead, I've learned binary formats of EXE and DLL files, and modified the Dungeon Keeper executable file to become a DLL.

With my new DLL, I was able to create very simple executable file which may be used as complete code to run the game. Now I'm incrementally rewriting DK; functions which are not yet rewritten are called from the DLL, so the project functions like whole game, even though it wasn't completely rewritten yet.

Many functions are already rewritten and fixed. Structure of the code allows to take advantages of every rewritten part, by fixing bugs and making new functions. The project is open-source, and its code is downloadable here.

KeeperFX CCP - Campaigns Consolidation Project

Campaigns Consolidation Project is an effort to build all unofficial campaigns into KeeperFX. This allows to select any campaign from the game menu, without replacing map files. It has become part of the regular KeeperFX package

Go to Download page to get up to version 1.0. All versions after this will be made available through

Note that you need data files from original Dungeon Keeper CD to play KeeperFX.

Read README file before using any of the programs!