Dungeon Keeper Mapmaker's Documentation

Created by fans


DK Mapmakers Installation Instructions

Here you will find information about how to force the game to use level files from your hard drive, not from CD. Also installation of various map editors is discussed.

Dungeon Keeper Official Editor Manual

This will guide you throgh all functions of the official editor, but will also explain some basic concepts of the game maps. Additionally, it contains some information about various objects availabe to place on a map.

Another Dungeon Keeper map Editor (ADiKtEd) Manual

A simple tutorial which will guide you through creating your first map with ADiKtEd. Contains some tips of how to use ADiKtEd to get best results in shortest time.

Dungeon Keeper Script Commands Reference

Level script commands reference, which was originally part of Official Editor documentation, but has been moved into different document and expanded by fans.

Dungeon Keeper Map Files Format Reference

This reference will provide you with description of all files which make up a level. You will only need this if you are advanced mapmaker and you you want to modify these files manually.

ADiKtEd Library (libAdikted) programmer's reference

This is a complete documentation of ADiKtEd Library. If you're a programmer, this ducument will help you writing your own map tools using libAdikted dynamic library.

Dungeon Keeper Documentation project

The documentation included here contains many documents created and edited by many people. Some of them were made by original developers at Bullfrog, others are purely work of fans.

This documentation is now owned and supported only by Dungeon Keeper fan community.