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DK2 Official WAD Tool

DK2 WADTool screenshot

In order to speed up loading time some of the DK2 graphic, files are stored in '.WAD' files. These WAD files are then unpacked in memory once they have been loaded. It is possible to have DK2 load the files individually rather than from the WAD files by using the command line switches '-enablefilepatching' and '-enableartpatching'.

DK2 WAD Tool will let you unpack the WAD files. Once unpacked, it is possible to modify some of the files and witness those changes in the game. Not all the graphics used in DK2 are stored in WAD format, but most of it is.

Note that this tool works much better than other WAD extractors, as it supports compressed entries.

You can download DK2WADTool from many sites - search the web.

MAStudio 2002

MAStudio screenshot

Unofficial editor for EA's F1-2002 '.MAS' files. Allows exporting and importing of all files inside the '.MAS' files.

MAS files are not used by DK2, but in 'Tools' submenu of this program, you can find the 'SDT Editor'. This editor will allow you to open and modify SDT files, which are used for storing sounds.

To replace sounds you just need to compress them into MPEG2 format, and place them in place filler slots of the SDT file.

Search the net for a download.

Dragon UnPACKer

Dragon Unpacker screenshot

This game archive unpacking tool supports both WAD and SDT files. It is plugin based making easier to add new archive file formats.

Dragon UnPACKer is a good tool, which may be helpful with many games. Unfortunately, its support of DK2 files is quite limited.

It cannot handle compressed entries in WAD files. Additionally, it is designed only to extract game files, not to make them, so you won't be able to modify WADs nor SDTs by using it.

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