KeeperFX, the Dungeon Keeper mod
Dungeon Keeper Fan eXpansion

Download KeeperFX CCP

There are three types of downloads available:

  • Complete version - Compiled package ready to run on Ms Windows. Decompress it, install required files from original DK, and run.
  • Patch - An upgrade to the complete version. First install the Complete version, then overwrite files with these from patch.
  • Source code - The C/C++ project which may be used to recompile KeeperFX. For developers only; players don't need it.

To use KeeperFX CCP, you only need a Complete version, and your original Dungeon Keeper CD. You may also download the latest patch (if available), but the game should work even without it.

For installation details, see readme file.

Download complete version 0.4.6 (398MB)
Download ver 0.4.6 source code

KeeperFX Unofficial

KeeperFX Unofficial is a fork of the KeeperFX project that continued from the latest stable KeeperFX build.

KeeperFX 0.4.7 Unofficial

Alternate downloads

Here you can find some variations of KeeperFX.

Mirror of complete version 0.4.6 at Mega

Mirror of complete version 0.4.5 at Mega

Mirrors of the official downloads at Keeper Klan

KeeperFX Goodies

To download DK-related movies, pictures and manuals, see media page.

Pre-release patch

If you wish to have the really latest version, you can download (in other words, checkout) the current source code from GitHub.

KeeperFX at GitHub

To recompile this source, you only need MinGW - install it and type "make all" in your checkout folder. Note that some versions of MinGW have "make.exe" renamed to "mingw32-make.exe" for compatibility; in this case type "mingw32-make all".

If you want a binary build of the code repository, check nightly builds page.

Older versions

If there's something wrong with the current release, you can try older versions of KeeperFX available here. Still, it is strongly recommended to use the latest version.

Please report any problems or dead links.
Read README file before using KeeperFX!