Dungeon Keeper 2 Tools

Dungeon Keeper 2 Tools

DK2 STR Tool

This tool allows to export and import texts from STR files in Dungeon Keeper 2. These files can then be used in maps to display text messages for a player.

You can export any STR file into unicode text file (.TXT), then modify it using any text editor (ie. Notepad), then import it again into STR file.

The generated file can be then used in map editor. The number that identifies specific message is a line number in text file.

Download Win32 version 0.86
Download ver 0.86 source code

Download Win32 version 0.85
Download ver 0.85 source code

EA uV/uV2 Video Player

The videos encoded to this format have file extension '.TGQ' in Dungeon Keeper 2.

All videos in DK2 have this format. You may play them outside of DK2 by using these tools. The 'PLAYUV.EXE' requires video file name as parameter, while for 'RAP.EXE' you must rename a video to 'RAP.TGQ' to be able to play it.

Download uV/uV2 PLAYUV Player Win32
Download uV/uV2 RAP Player Win32

Unfinished Tools


This tool is designed to extract and add files into '.WAD' archives from DK2. These files can be recognized by 'DWFB' letters written in header.

Its development was abandoned after I realized that unpacked files can be used in DK2 too, so there's no need to create WADs.

Download Win32 version and source

DK2 KCS tool

This tool was written to help in reverse-engineering of KCS Camera Sweep files. It reads the files and tries to display its data.

If KCS files were fully understood, I could write a module for IVCon (open-source 3D formats converter) which would allow to read and write these files.

Download Win32 version and source

DK2 Map Tool

Purpose of this tool was to help in reverse-engineering of map files. It can properly parse all files that make up a map, and completely read some of these files. It still requires some work, but eventually could be used to create a map editor, or a converter between DK1 and DK2 map formats.

Download Win32 version and source

DK2 Texture Tool

With this I was hoping to reverse-engineer the DK2 Texture File Format. To be honest, this one is merely started.

Download source

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