Dungeon Keeper 1 Tools

Dungeon Keeper 1 Tools

Map Editors

These are tools that will allow you to create your own maps for the game.

With them, you will be able to place terrain like earth, rock, water and lava, but also to place rooms and other things, like Dungeon hearts and Creatures.

Script Editors

Level script in an integral part of every map. The script is a simple program, which controls events that happen during the gameplay and regulates what the player can do, and which functions (ie. spells) are not available for him.

Writing scripts really requires only knowledge about the commands. But here are some tools that may be useful when editing them.

Creature Editors

These tools will help you in modding one file - CREATURE.TXT. This file stores all the information about creatures and their properties. It also stores some properties of rooms, spells and research.


Ever wanted to play DK in a window, not fullscreen? This category contains tools which may allow you to do that.

Other editing tools

If you wish to change or extract something else from the game, try looking here.

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Read README file before using any of the tools!