Dungeon Keeper 2 Tools

Dungeon Keeper 2 Map Editors

Official DK2 Map Editor

It is a complete map editor for Dungeon Keeper 2. As it allows editing all elements of the map, its release has ceased development of unofficial editors.

Two versions of this editor can be found: final version (2.0.0) and pre-release RC3 version (1.0.1). The RC3 version can be recognized by looking at version number in 'Properties' page of the EXE file.

The final version has better support of map elements added in patches; but the RC3 version has some functionality which were later removed - it has more editing options than final. As an example, the RC3 version allows to make Lair room on the map, or add triggers and actions to members of a hero party.

There is also a fan modified final version, called Pro. It has some functions which are not available in other versions too - for example, allows to edit a lot more parameters of creatures (like sex, or is it good or evil) and overwriting the official levels (those from campaign).

Search the net for a download of the final version. After installing it, you can use the following files to get access to other versions:

Download executable from RC3 Version
Download executable from PRO Version

DK2 Mapper

This unofficial map editor was the first one released. It is essentially a command line tool, but there are some GUIs made for it.

The last released version of DK2 Mapper is 1.4. After releasing this version, the author lost its source code - so further development of this editor is impossible.

Here is a list of map editing tools which are using DK2 Mapper:

  • dk2randommap - will generate a random map which can be compiled using DK2mapper for head-2-head or skirmish play.
  • MCarter's Mapper - GUI for DK2mapper.
  • DK2GUI - Second GUI for DK2mapper.
  • DK2MakeMap - Next GUI for DK2mapper.
  • Dungeon Constructor Assistant - Another GUI for DK2mapper.
  • DK2MapperGui - GUI for DK2mapper.
  • DK2MapsHh - German GUI for DK2mapper.

DK2 Mapper author's page

Search the net for a download of all the GUIs.

DK2 Map Editor by NovFR

This map editor has more possibilities than the official editor, but is only available in french.

NovFR's github repository

DK2 MapEdit

Simple unofficial map editor which is only able to load and modify the '*map.kld' file. Things and actions can't be loaded or modified with this tool.

The program is very simple and very basic. It's quie hard to really edit anything with it. It was written by Mercangel in Visual Basic.

Search the net for a download of it.

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