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RNC Utilities

DeRNC screenshot

This open-source compression library allows to compress and decompress the ProPak format, which may be recognized by 'RNC' written in file header.

This is improved version of the tool made by Jon Skeet. Many Bullfrog games uses the RNC compression, and some of the DK data files are compressed with it. If you wish to extract DK graphics sprites, or see what really is in some files, you will need this program.

Download Win32 version
Download source code

Player Color Selector

Color Changer screenshot

A tool which allows to change color of the human player (which is normally red).

It has some limits, but that's the only tool of this kind available. Also, it's open-source. You can download it from ADiKtEd project page:

ADiKtEd project

Savegame editor

Savegame editor screenshot

Open-source editor, which allows editing savegame files. It supports various versions of DK.

As for now, the tool has limited functionality - you can only edit gold.

Download Win32 version
Download source code

Dungeon Keeper Text Editor (DKText32)

Text Editor screenshot

This program can edit the text.dat and dd1text.dat files from Dungeon Keeper. You are allowed to edit any message, but because the order of messages is important, messages may only be added or deleted from the end of the file.

The new text messages can be used later in maps, with DISPLAY_* commands.

It's great Open-Source tool by James "Quasar" Haley.

Download Win32 version
Download source code

Dungeon Keeper Map Renamer (DKMRen)

Console tool which allows to rename multiple DK1 maps at once.

Download Win32 version
Download source code

Dungeon Keeper MAp GEnerator (DK-Mage)

Generates playable maps for KeeperFX

It uses the ADiKtED generate map feature to generate a base map, then with an algorithm builds a level on top. The level script it generates is for KeeperFX.

Download page
Dk-mage Wiki


DKTools QuickView screenshot

This french pack of utilities integrates many useful files.

It contains viewer for maps, RNC decompressor with nice GUI, a tool to change all text shown by the game and to switch sounds. Additionally, there is a tool to access any level from the original DK campaign, and to adjust game settings.

And even more!

DKTools page

More small utilities

If you want to extrract or edit even more of DK files, then there are many small utilities which can help you with this.

Some tools for extracting DAT/TAB, sounds and other files can be found here:

Syndicate Wars Reworking

Also, you may find interesting files on Jon Skeets page. Some of his tools have been now remade and have better versions than those on his site, but not all of them:

Skeet's Dungeon Keeper Extras

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