Dungeon Keeper Patches

Dungeon Keeper Patches

KeeperD3D - Direct3D version of Dungeon Keeper

The original Dungeon Keeper uses DirectDraw to display graphics. All 3D images are rendered by the game itself (so-called software rendering). This patch allows to take advantage of 3D acceleration, as it displays graphics using Direct3D functions.

As Dungeon Keeper was originally suited for its custom rendering algorithms, the Direct3D version does not look as good as the original one. Also, some visual effects were written specially with taking advantage of the custom rendering, and it was impossible to re-create them with use of early Direct3D libraries. This is why the lense effects won't be visible in Possession mode.

But the main advantage of Direct3D version lies somewhere else - as it uses completely different approach to the screen than DirectDraw version, if one of the versions isn't working, then there's still a big chance that second one will work. Especially on new computers and OSes, it is possible that Direct3D version may prove to be more compatible and work with acceptable quality.

This is official patch, released by EA for both Dungeon Keeper and Deeper Dungeons. It is included on DK Gold CD, and can also be found in many places of the net.

KeeperFX - Fan Expansion

This patch (or rather mod) is based on original EXE file from Dungeon Keeper Gold, which was turned into a DLL. This Dynamic Library was then used to create another program, containing parts of the game which were completely remade by fans.

The goal of this project is to incrementally rewrite Dungeon Keeper. Functions which are not yet rewritten, can be called from the Dynamic Library. Thanks to this, errors may be corrected, and new elements added, without writing completely new game.

It already has many functions fixed, and its structure allows to take advantages of every rewritten part, by fixing bugs and expanding functionality. The project is not completely open-source, because part of its code is copyrighted; but most of it is free and downloadable here.

Project page

Deeper Dungeons patchloader

This fix, made by Antares, loads deeper95.exe with a little modification - the menu is slowed down, so all scrollbars work at acceptable speed even on fast machines. It requires deeper95.exe from DK Gold.

Actions taken by the loader are similar to what some viruses do. This is why heuristic anit-virus methods may recognize it as suspicious. The file does not contain any malicious code; still, use it at your own risk.

Download the loader

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