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Name: Happiclap 1.1.0

Author: Grinic, Created on 27 Jun 1998

Keepers: Red

Pool: n/a

Objects on map:

Creatures: 244, Traps: 61, Doors: 4, Items: 162

Dungeon hearts: 1, Hero gates: 2, Special Boxes: 4

Description: Happiclap, with foundations so strong, the villages say that friendship and compassion between them will always be strong. Unfortunatly, this also makes it almost impossible to build a dungeon here. Pity. Though the undergrounds of Happiclap are used to carry traps and food from Bunnyjoy to the Sillimist Dungeons. The labrinth has been overthrown by these rouge Keepers and they have killed all the guides, leaving a terrible prediciment: Your troops are stranded. Guide them out of the maze so you can continue with the slaughter of the rouge Keepers.


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