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Name: good07 Indoctrination 1.1.0

Author: Lquiz, Created on 13 Jan 2007

Keepers: Red, Blue, Green

Pool: Wizard, Barbarian, Archer, Monk, Dwarf, Knight Tunneller, Witch, Giant, Fairy, Thief, Samurai, Troll Dragon, Demon Spawn, Fly, Dark Mistress, Warlock, Bile Demon Beetle, Spider, Hell Hound, Tentacle, Orc

Objects on map:

Creatures: 20, Traps: 2, Doors: 3, Items: 82

Dungeon hearts: 3, Hero gates: 0, Special Boxes: 11

Description: It looks like these keepers saw what happened last time. They have decided to ally against you. There is not much gold, so you must capture the centre gems and starve your enemies out! Traps are a good idea on this level, to prevent coridor rushing!


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