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Name: Blistering Furnace 1.1.0

Author: Burdened Imp, Created on 12 Aug 2007

Keepers: Red, Blue

Pool: Skeleton, Troll, Dragon, Demon Spawn, Fly, Dark Mistress Warlock, Bile Demon, Beetle, Vampire, Spider, Hell Hound Ghost, Tentacle, Orc

Objects on map:

Creatures: 70, Traps: 19, Doors: 45, Items: 337

Dungeon hearts: 2, Hero gates: 1, Special Boxes: 6

Description: Master found more land. Place called Blistering Furnace. Dug been there. Land cold on feet, warm on head. Bad keeper there. Has portal. Master not. Master steal heroes to create army. Master clever. Dug run off now. Dug given day off. Dug work hard. Dug now smoke. Special smoke. Dug happy.


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