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Keane's Hero Keeper

Name: Keane's Hero Keeper 0.0.3
Kind: DK Maps mod, Created 06 Feb 1997
Maps: 15 (script files only)
Authors: Micheal Keane

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This mod allows hero creatures to come out of portals in DK multiplayer maps. All the 15 original multiplayer maps (the ones accessible from an unaltered levels.txt) have been altered.

Just copy the files into DK, overwriting original ones. Then start a multiplayer game as usual. The rest remain the same, pending an investigation as to whether they are buggy or not.

Included is a file called CREATURE.TXT. This should over-write the file of the same name contained in the .\keeper\data sub-directory. All files named map00***.txt should be copied into your .\keeper\levels sub-directory.

List of levels included:
Script files for Dungeon Keeper multiplayer levels named Multiplayer 00 - Multiplayer 15.

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