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Clawcity's Hero Keeper

Name: Clawcity's Hero Keeper 0.1.1
Kind: DK Maps mod, Created 31 May 2005
Maps: 50 (script and thing files only)
Authors: Clawcity

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As I'm sure we all know, Dungeon Keeper is the greatest game in the history of the whole world. As I played through it for perhaps the 40th time I started to wonder what it would be like to play the campaign from a hero perspective. And so my Hero Keeper mod was born, allowing you to play the entire 20 level campaign with heros instead of the usual evil minions, just to see what it's like of course, because as we all know...... it's good to be bad!!!


To install this mod, you will need to copy both the 'LDATA' and 'LEVELS' folders off your Dungeon Keeper CD into the folder the game is installed in on your hard drive. Then open 'Keeper.cfg' in notepad and change the install path from the CD ROM to the folder on your hard drive. Now simply copy the 'data' and 'LEVELS' folders included in this mod into your Dungeon Keeper directory. When asked if you wish to overwrite existing files, choose yes. Default location of the Dungeon Keeper directory is "C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Keeper"

NOTE: This mod overwrites some of the game files. To restore Dungeon Keeper to normal simply recopy the 'creature.txt' file found in the 'data' folder and also the 'LEVELS' folder off the Dungeon Keeper CD.


Thanks goes to my intrepid testers Cycophil and Millitant Gilligan, who probably only played through my mod in the hope it didn't work so they could laugh at me ;)


If anyone has any questions or feedback on the mod I'd like to hear it in the interests of improving future versions of the mod. Feedback can be posted in the following forum:



in 1.1

  • I've now included the 15 multiplayer maps in my mod, so now you can unleash swarms of heroes on your friends
  • I've also modded the 15 skirmish levels that are present, but not linked into the game. These I have added to the multiplayer screen, levels 55-59, 65-69 & 75-79. I recommend loading the game in skirmish mode to play these.

NOTE: To run the game in skirmish mode right-click on your Dungeon Keeper shortcut and select 'Properties'. In the 'Target' box type "-1player" after keeper95.exe, using the default install path as an example it should look like this:

"C:\Program Files\Bullfrog\Keeper\keeper95.exe" -1player

Now when you run the game a skirmish option will appear in the multiplayer menu.

Created by Clawcity December 2005

List of levels included:
Script files (*.txt) and Thing files (*.tng) for Dungeon Keeper campaign and multiplayer levels.

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