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Name: Prescora War 1.1.0

Author: Oetelaer, Created on 19 Aug 2000

Keepers: Red, Blue, White

Pool: Troll, Dragon, Demon Spawn, Fly, Dark Mistress, Warlock, Bile Demon, Beetle, Spider, Hell Hound, Tentacle, Orc

Objects on map:

Creatures: 67, Traps: 6, Doors: 31, Items: 208

Dungeon hearts: 3, Hero gates: 1, Special Boxes: 8

Description: Just another Keeper to kill. The first level I uploaded - not perfect, but has some nice surprises. There is a bug: The enemy keeper might get killed. No problem, but if that happens, you will have won the game, and the scripts to get creatures into the level won't work anymore.

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