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Name: Razon's Library 1.0.0

Author: Steve Tupper, Created on 01 Aug 1998

Keepers: Red

Pool: Troll, Dragon, Demon Spawn, Fly, Dark Mistress Warlock, Bile Demon, Beetle, Hell Hound, Orc

Objects on map:

Creatures: 75, Traps: 30, Doors: 1, Items: 1079

Dungeon hearts: 1, Hero gates: 5, Special Boxes: 40

Description: The legend goes thus: Razon was the most powerful of your kind to ever roam the world, so powerful was he that all the good forces in all the lands were forced to unite against him. However he was not easy to find. Razon saught shelter in the greatest dungeon ever created and it is there that he built his legendary library.

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